Thankfulness through God’s Working

April 12, 2013

Just last night I was thinking about “perfect” Shari.  The Shari that I was supposed to be; the sinless Shari.  I thought about what I might be like, with all my God-given gifts, energy, ideas, compassion and tenderness…without being tainted with sin.  Tears began to flow as I thought about how we, mankind, messed that all up thousands of years ago in the garden.  Then my thoughts turned to the Shari who will one day be perfected when I see Jesus face to face.  More tears.  And then I began asking, again, that I would glorify him while I am in this world, far away from my eternal home.

Do you ever think about God getting you ready for heaven?  Do you think about your sanctification and thank Him for the trials and His working; or complain through the drudgery?  I’ve done both.

No doubt God is using my husband to work things out in my life; to make me into the Shari He wants me to be; getting me ready, for He’s coming for a pure bride.  Let’s be specific about the ‘things’ here.  I’m not talkin’ bout weight loss.  I’m not talkin’ bout superficial stuff; we’re talkin’, ‘things=sin‘.

Do I thank God for my husband?  Do I thank him for what He is accomplishing in my life through my husband?

Wow!  What a challenge in Phil. 1:3-4.  God says, “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy.”

I’m to be THANKFUL in ALL my remembrances of Darrel in EVERY prayer with JOY!

THAT statement is enough for me to work on all year-long!  BUT, with that, I must read one more verse.  Phil. 1:6 “AND I AM SURE OF THIS, that He who began a good work in you WILL bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” (The work in Darrel and the work in me!)


Now, go thank your husband.  Tell him you are thankful HE is yours and that you are THANKFUL God is using him to accomplish God’s will in your life!

Side note: BTW, it would be sad for any reader of this blog to think that we have a perfect marriage.  I can hear someone saying, “Yeah, it must be easy for her to say these things to her husband.”  Au, contraire mon frère!  I have to totally fight pride and humble myself each morning I decide to thank Darrel.  And, no surprise, as I’ve begun this ‘series’, it seems there are more and more challenges.  SO, don’t feel alone in the boat.  Pray for boldness to express thankfulness even when it’s hard.  God gives grace to the humble; can ya use a little more grace today?

1Tim. 2:1-2


One Response to “Thankfulness through God’s Working”

  1. David and Betty said

    Magnify the Living God!

    I have not checked the Blog lately because both you and Danielle are “so busy” (Danielle is preparing to be 18, and then watch how “busy” she gets). Anyway, we are older and we are not busy enough to get busy.

    Thanks for letting us in on your growth cycles. It is humbling but so so good. I know, as a husband, how important it is what you are saying. God bless and love you more. (Father’s day is approaching so make sure Darrel is aware of what you are saying, and then you won’t have to buy him anything).

    We love all of you very much and pray for you daily.

    David and Betty

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