Hope Update

December 9, 2012

Last Tuesday, while Danielle had her piano lesson, Hope and I drove to Sugarland and she gave blood so that labs could be performed prior to her follow Endocrine appointment on Friday.

Fast forward to Friday.  The doctor comes in and says, “Hope’s labs looked great!”  I’m thinking, “Really?”  What does that mean?  Show me some #’s here.

Here’s where it gets a bit more technical but let me back up a bit.

Since Feb. 2009 to today, Hope has been taking .15mL calcitonin injections to regulate her blood calcium levels.  She was finally diagnosed with Sarcoidosis Dec. 2011 and we began some steroid therapy and Humira injections, administered every 14 days, in January.  Along with our joy in finally getting a diagnosis and starting Humira, there also came a renewed hope that she would come off the calcitonin at some point, if the Humira were able to ‘control’ her disease.  After a 4 month follow-up there was no change in her hypercalcemia.  After 8 months, no change.  At that point I think I was resigned that this was her lot but gave praise to Jesus that we were able to control the side effects of the disease which were debilitating (symptoms similar to JIA).

The desired range for blood calcium levels is 8.9 -10.4 and for the last 4 years Hope has been anywhere from 10.4 -11.  The Dr. turns the computer screen toward me with lab results and her level was at 9.9 .  I have NEVER seen this number before!!!  Talk about excited!!!!!!
  Desired Alakaline Phosphatase levels (which has to do with how her bones hold on to calcium) is 184-415.  And Hope’s has ranged from 72 -107;  107 being her highest # since 2009 (obviously way too  low).  From Tuesday’s labs Alakaline Phosphatase appears to be on the rise and was 127!
  So… just wanted to share some great medical news in the Schiel home and hope that you will rejoice with us and give praise to our Lord Jesus for his kindness.
(Oh….and don’t stop praying!!!)

5 Responses to “Hope Update”

  1. Megan Bennett said

    Yay! That is such great news! Rejoicing with you!

  2. Brenda Getty said

    Ask (and keep on asking) and you will receive was Jesus’ instructions to the people, and this just proves that he meant what he said. Love it when those prayer muscles get developed and we can see the results. Thank you Jesus for healing Hope!!

  3. Margie Woehrmann said

    Thank God from whom ALL blessings flow…..so happy for the good report.

  4. David and Betty said

    Magnify the Living God!

    Oh the joy that rings in our hearts as you bring such good tidings. Oh the joy that must ring in yours and Darrel’s heart when getting such God powered news. Will we stop praying? Absolutely not! We have been praying for this child since the day she was born (and for the rest of you) and we shall continue to do so (Ps 30:5; 63:3).

    Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas to all of you and we love you dearly.

    David and Betty

  5. bereanize said

    To have prayer warriors/partners is the greatest gift ever…other than being born again! 🙂 Love you both.

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