So Thankful for My man

December 6, 2012

My heart is overwhelmed with thanksgiving for the man God gave me.  I boast not in men but in the absolute greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I am in on the unfolding of The Almighty’s plan and it is amazing.

Darrel sent me a link to an article about helping our children save the Sabbath.  The things that stood out to me in the article were how we so often use our time on other things, electronic devices, sports activites, etc.  Where do our convictions lie?  Are we convicted to the point that we are willing to guard and be jealous of the Sabbath; a God ordained day and time for spiritual growth and physical rest?

We have not been all-out faithful in this area.  I wouldn’t say we have ‘trashed’ the Sabbath, but I believe we have lost a conviction for the true elements of the Sabbath.  Does that make sense?  Where are we spending our time?

Well, we are coming together with the body of Christ and worshipping with other saints.  But we have added many meetings to our Sabbath day, which separate our family and do not help the children to focus on God’s kindness to us and rest.  They are often upstairs watching movies or on computers as we are ‘ministering’ to other groups downstairs in our living areas.  Serving in these areas are of great value, but should we be serving in that capacity on the Sabbath?  Is this what a pastor and family are called to do?  Is the Sabbath rest only for other Christians?  or for all Christians alike?  (things to ponder)

We have decisions to be made about how we are using our time.  Our desire is to bring glory to our Lord Jesus Christ and to be obedient.  I was convicted by the article my husband shared with me and am humbled that he values my thoughts as well.  I am convicted on two counts; times I have de-valued my husband; complained about things in him I didn’t admire, or better stated, gifts I wished he had that I would say were more ‘worldly or earthy’.  Also convicted about how I have been a helper to this man, my husband.

God is so very, very, very gracious and patient.  I am rejoicing in the husband of my youth and so thankful for his gifts.  They are many, but the ones I am most thankful for are the ones that were given to help us run this race…he continually points me to the ‘prize’, to the higher calling.  I can not imagine my life without this precious man, although I’ve no doubt the Lord would sustain me if he were taken to his heavenly home, and pray the Lord continues growing me and helping me to be the best help-mate he could have.  Well, I was specially picked, so, I’ve no doubt the Lord’s got this. 🙂

(written very quickly while each child was asking for help…shame on me:)


One Response to “So Thankful for My man”

  1. David and Betty said

    Magnify the Living God!

    Wonderfully summarized Post, Shari. You not only recognize the real meaning of the Christian Sabbath day but you point out our failures to celebrate it correctly. I too needed to hear this.

    Then you gave splendid insight into what is a “real man,” and of course paid tribute to the fact that God has blessed you with one. So much in our culture has “depositioned” (if that is a word) men, and it seems men are wimping out. It takes a gracious and loving woman to understand what a real man is.

    What a journey we are all on.

    We love all of you and pray for you daily.

    David and Betty

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