Off Prednisone #2

November 21, 2012

I re-read my last post on Hope and thought it only fitting to update once again.  Since that post, she is indeed off Prednisone!  The first couple weeks were rough but I believe her body is used to being off now.  From my stand point things are looking good.  She is still taking her 15mL injection of calcitonin 2x a day and the Humira injection every 14 days, but a month ago we thought she might have to go up on the Humira to every 7 days.  Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ for sustaining her body!

She has contracted a fungal infection on the bottom of her feet, specifically but not limited to the joint areas of her big toes.  This has caused much pain as they crack and bleed.  But, we continue treating them and praying, trusting God to heal.  Tea tree oil is a wonderful, natural product that I’m finding has a great affect against this infection.

The Lord is good and we rejoice and give much thanks as Thanksgiving is just around the corner.


2 Responses to “Off Prednisone #2”

  1. David and Betty said

    Magnify the Living God!

    Good news on Hope. God is with you on this and we add our prayers daily for her recovery.

    And, about your garden…it seems that you (and all, but especially you) are enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. As you say “arn’t they cute.” I trust that you will draw physical nutrients to match your spiritual nutrients from the garden. Pictures are marvelous.

    Happy Thanksgiving and blessings to all of you.

    David and Betty

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