Winter Garden

November 20, 2012

I decided to try and grow some lettuces and snap peas this fall.  Prior to seeding, I added some more ‘good soil’ to my garden plot and it’s been settling for a few months.  Yesterday was agriculture day for me and Isaac.  I set him to the plow, better know today as Shari’s birthday tiller, and he began tilling it all up nice and loose.  After getting most of the weeds and grasses out as we raked through it, we began transplanting our lettuces.  I grew these from seed in pots and planters.  One never realizes just how many plants one has until one begins transplanting. *grin*

My first winter garden of red and green lettuces; with 2 snap peas.Left over okra growing along the fence line.  Red lettuces on left, bell pepper and banana peppers in the middle (also left over) and green lettuces on right.

Cute little red lettuces!  I’m so proud of them.  I love that I can plant, water and care for plants and God allows them to grow.  These are tasty, but Isaac prefers these:

Green leaf lettuce.  I’m excited to snip of leaves here and there to make salads for my family.  Prayerfully these will provide nutrition for us throughout the cooler season.

Snap pea bushesThese are precious to me.  I love snap peas…raw.  They are so sweet and delicious!  I can eat a few handfuls at a setting.  I planted a WHOLE bag of seeds and ended up with about 8 plants.  One day while trying to ‘baby’ them, I ended up KILLING all but 2 of these plants.  Waaaah!  I was very upset with myself.  Anyway, God was kind and gracious to let me have two.  These are planted on either side of the bell pepper row and I will be babying them like crazy!

summer okra living through autumnOkra grows so easily here!  We’ve canned dozens of jars of pickled okra and have eaten many of them as well.  I’ve made one batch of fried okra and plan on making another batch at Thanksgiving for my step dad.  I’m amazed at how well okra plants produce!

fall tomatoesThese tomato plants just popped up on there own thanks to the birds I guess.  I decided to pull them out of the ground and care for them in a pot through the winter months in hopes that they’ll make it until next spring.

fall Zennia's Here are some sweet little Zennia’s.  As the other ones died off I would just roll the dead head between my hands and let the seeds fall back to the ground.  Ah, the joy of easy gardening.  Thank you for the pretty little flower Lord!

green onionThese lovely green onions keep giving and giving.  We never pull the whole plant out but snip off pieces to use in our salads, eggs or other meals.  I have one more pot like this and it keeps us blessed with green onions year round.

Fire antsAnd this is what happens when Fire Ants find your gardening tool box.  Not cool!  The white powder is ant killer.  Hopefully, they will be dead soon.

Cinnabun and 3 year old Bell Pepper plantsHere’s Cinnabun.  She’s a sweet, fluffy addition to our backyard.  I keep this 3 year old Bell Pepper plant near her to give her a lovely view.  ha

HIbiscusMy Hibiscus bush continues to bloom as the fall tempetures stay in the 70’s.

Yellow Gerbera Daisies in the fallAnd my favorite flower, Gerbera Daisies, continue blooming as well.  Such beauty…makes me smile. Aren’t they happy, sunshiney flowers?

My Rosemary bush continues growing each year.  I might plant it in the ground at some point but for now it is doing great potted.

Apricot TreeThis Apricot tree, I believe, is confused.  It’s lost leaves but one branch, shown here, won’t shed.  It’s certainly left me befuzzled.

SucculentsAnd this little succulent was saved after it was uprooted on accident while pulling weeds.  Succulents are so cute!


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