July 15, 2012

It looks like we are going to have to go back up to 2.5mg Prednisone per day starting tomorrow morning.  I will increase to 5mg after a couple weeks if there isn’t improvement.  Hopes ankles are swelling, hot and are painful along with toe/foot joints.  It is hurting her to walk again.  She said just climbing the ladder to get out of the pool was very painful this afternoon.  We had a good talk the other day about getting off Prednisone altogether and she was happy and all for it.  She said she would endure pain to be off of it, but if it got to where she was hurting to walk, she’d want to go back on.  Well, there we have it.

Thankful for medication and praying God will protect her from the side effects.


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  1. David and Betty said

    Magnify the Living God!

    We just read your two July entries and we thank the Lord for reminding us daily to continue our prayer for you and your family.

    Your book by Piper takes us back to Midland, when Betty had her heart by-pass surgery. (We still recall you bringing Danielle to the hospital room and she peaked around the corner to Betty and said “you got and ‘owie’ “? At that time, Betty was reading a newsletter from Wilkerson about hospital stays called “Don’t waste your afflictions.” It was impressive and helpful. From then on, every time she has been hospitalized I call her the “horizontal evangelist.” It appears that Hope is developing that under your guidance and protection.

    Thanks for the post Shari. We love you all and pray for you daily.

    David and Betty

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