Journal Entry 7-5

July 5, 2012

The children and I are still working through school work this summer.  That’s how I prefer to roll with homeschooling at least.  It is so hot here during summer months, I figure we might as well make good use of our time while indoors.  When the weather cools between 70-80 degrees F, we take off more time for outdoor activities.  Trinity did get a small above ground pool for her birthday, so there is some outdoor play in the morning and late evening in case you’re thinking we are hermits.  ha

I’m about to give Hope her 12th Humira injection.  We prep her leg by icing down the injection site for 15+ minutes to help numb it.  I would say the medication is effective in lessening the symptoms of her Sarcoidosis.  Back in January we began a rigorous regime of IV steroids 1x a week for a month.  At the same time she began taking 10mg of Prednisone (another steroid) daily.  Once she’d had her 7th round of Humira (given every 2 weeks) we were able to drop her Prednisone to 7.5mg, then after 9th round of Humira, Pred down to 5mg and so on.  Since there are so many side effects from steroids I’ve wanted her off them asap.  She is now taking 2.5mg every other day and I hope her to be off Prednisone completely in 2 weeks.  Her body has been responding well to the very slow decrease.  Please pray her joints will still be ‘happy’ once she is off of them completely and that the Humira will keep her disease suppressed.

The Lord is growing and using Hope in our lives and the lives of many others.  She is a kind and giving girl; loyal and faithful.  She’s sometimes quick to speak and slow to listen, but she’s also quick to repent when she’s sinned against someone which shows God is doing a great work.  Two days ago I found and read a pamphlet written by John Piper called “Don’t Waste Your Cancer”.  It was profound and encouraging.  Although none of us are going through cancer, we are going through a chronic illness which is often a challenge.  I was prompted to read the book and substitute the word ‘disease’ or, specifically for Hope, ‘Sarcoidosis’ each instance he used the word cancer.  I was greatly moved by this book and felt led to begin reading it with Hope.  Thus far we’ve read the preface and 1st chapter.  I know she won’t ‘get it’ all, but I know the Holy Spirit is a much, much better communicator than I, and He will minister the right words to her heart.  *excited!*

I feel I should write about each of the children, sharing all God is doing in their lives and ours.  Time doesn’t permit it now but I hope to soon.


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