Lest I Forget

April 10, 2012

Since the kids finished their schooling early I’ve had a chance to tackle the piles of papers, catalogs, receipts and coupons which have been piling up on my desk.

While going through everything I came upon a red notebook in which I keep all Hope’s records, receipts, prescriptions, etc.  Life gets going so fast I don’t always read through printed results right away but God always gives me the perfect opportunity to read them in time.

After reading results on her latest CT scan and Renal scan’s and reading over symptoms she’s had in the past, I cannot but stop and praise God for His love, faithfulness and kindness to her and to us!

Where she once had fever, she is fever free.  Where she once had anorexia she is a plump little berry.  Where she once had red patches of skin around her eyes, elbows and knees the skin is now supple.  Where her lips were dry and cracking they are now moist and elastic.  Where she had terrible throat and abdominal pain she is now, for the most part, pain-free.  Where she had muscle soreness they are no longer tender (unless she goes on a long bike ride with her sister/ ptl!)  Where she had such pain in her bones she could not get up off the couch to use the restroom, she now scooters, jumps on the trampoline and shoots arrows at a target with her siblings.  Where she had no appetite, she is hungry.  Where she was randomly sick to her stomach, she now feels well for the most part.  Where she had no energy to get up off the couch she has lots and lots of energy throughout the day.  Where I once commented she was like, “Dr. Jeckel, Mr. Hyde”, she is a sweet girl most all the time and comes down the stairs in the morning with a grin on her face.  I remember dreading the mornings.

Yes, she still has some bad days, but nothing compared to days gone by.  Yes, she has to take 2 shots a day and a Humira injection every 2 weeks but look at her!  Yes, her kidney’s are still full of calcium deposits but they aren’t getting worse.  Yes, she has several nodules on her lungs but they appear unchanged after 3 years.  The injections are painful for a few moments but her well-being is, well… well!!  I am so thankful to look upon these pages it  brings tears to my eyes.  I praise God for medication, for doctor’s, for His wisdom and letting the medications be effective in her little body.  I thank God for a life that is His and that He is sharing her with so many for purposes beyond our comprehension.

May I never forget as we continue this journey.


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