He’s Calling Me

February 24, 2012

Words: Kristyn Getty Traditional Melody arranged Rob Mathes

What grace is mine that He who dwells in endless light

Called through the night to find my distant soul

And from his scars poured mercy that would plead for me

That I might live and in his name be known

So I will go wherever He is calling me

I lose my life to find my life in Him

I give my all to gain the hope that never dies

I bow my heart, take up my cross and follow Him

What grace is mine to know His breath alive in me

Beneath his wings my wakened soul may soar

All fear can flee for death’s dark night is overcome

My Saviour lives and reigns forevermore (repeat chorus)

I love listening to Keith and Kristyn Getty.  Their music beautiful and lyrics rich.  Some time back I was listening to this song, perhaps driving in my van alone or on a solitary walk and the chorus came alive to me by the Holy Spirit with new meaning.

Being a ‘pastor’s kid’ growing up, we moved often.  Until I was 15 yrs we moved at least every 2 years if not every year.  When initially hearing the chorus to this song it brought back memories of submitting to my father and Father when it was time to move…I will go wherever He is calling me.  By moving often, God softened me to be willing to move wherever He wanted us to serve.  This made it somewhat easier as an adult to move to Tomball, then easier to move to Pearland, to temporarily move to Gaithersburg, MD and then back to Texas.  This I understood.

Then, like a curtain being lifted off my eyes this one particular day or my ears being opened from a droning or deafness, it was clear.  Go doesn’t always mean ‘to’ a place, a destination, a new house, new church, new city, new state.  To go wherever He is leading me involves sacrifice at every level.  Am I willing to go into sickness willingly and battle for joy while my 9 year old daughter suffers with a disease?  Am I willing to serve her, serve my other children, my husband, church, friends and family?  Am I willing to take up this cross and follow him?

Wow, it was such a different idea to contemplate, to meditate upon.  I’m still soaking it in after weeks have gone by but I’d say yes.  Yes, I will.  Some parts of it are harder than packing up my house and moving hundreds of miles away but what choice do I have?  To do it or to drop my cross and run.

I’m so thankful the Lord let me see these words in a new light.  I continue pressing on toward the prize.  I don’t always run the race well, but I am running.  I fall, then repent, get up with the help of Jesus and run again.  Sometimes I feel all beat up and bruised but then the Lord washes and heals me with His word and we’re off again.  May I grow in faithfulness during this journey, bow my heart, take up my cross and always follow Him!

2 Thes. 3:3 Yet the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen and set you on a firm foundation and guard you from the evil one.


2 Responses to “He’s Calling Me”

  1. shelly said

    Yeah! So glad the Lord spoke to you, showed you some truth, some of His rich character, and lifted you up. Prayer does wonderful things. I continue to pray for you as you are obedient to follow Christ. As far away as I am, this is the only help I can give you. But it would be His strength and peace that would be doing the finishing work anyway. I am merely human. But I am your sister, in blood, and in spirit. You may call on my assistance at anytime and I will call upon the Lord to lift you up. I love you with a deep, deep love that will never end. *smile*
    Maybe I should pray that God asks you to follow Him back to Midland. Ha ha. Oh, forget it…I’ve already tried! He obviously has said no…har har.
    Thank you for sharing your heart. It is encouraging and enlightening as well. XOXO

  2. David and Betty said

    Magnify the Living God!

    Thank you Shari for opening yourself to the depths of your very being. The “mother” in you is crying out, and rest assured, HE hears you. Your musings are all part of your calling. Certainly, all of us are part of a family and as a group, you moved here and there with not only your fathers family but now with your own little family. To me it seems that you are discovering an individual “call” within the group “calling.” To me it reveals the unique and individualized love for you being expressed by the “Caller.” He knows you intimately (Ps 139) and He is deeply touched by your thoughts and responses. It reminds me of a verse in Zephaniah, the Minor Prophet – 3:17. Wow! What a revelation of the God of the universe being so personal with you. This is touching. God bless you Shari.

    We love you all, and you know that we pray for you and your family daily.

    David and Betty

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