February 8, 2012

I can’t say I’m not disappointed but then again I need to be patient.  Since we first learned Hope had Sarcoidosis I’ve been in hopes that treating the disease itself might alieviate us having to treat her high blood calcium (hypercalcemia).  For three years now we’ve been treating a symptom only, not knowing the underlying cause.  I am still hoping that over the course of the treatment her hypercalcemia will go away and she’ll be able to stop taking her calcitonin injections every 12 hours.  But I got a ‘hit’ yesterday when Dr. Gunn,  her endocrinologist, called with her lab results from Monday.  Her calcium is UP, not down.  Number wise, 11-15 is high calcium at dangerous levels.  Her’s generally runs right at 10 with her injections and the lab work showed her to be up to 10.6.

I can come up with a couple ideas or reasons why I think this might be happening but they are for naught.  I’ll just keep praying that the Lord will keep her.  And I will keep praying that the hypercalcemia goes away!


2 Responses to “10.6”

  1. Melissa W. said

    Hang in there – her little body is undergoing a lot of changes – often times things get worse before they get better and auoimmune stuff takes a long time to settle – months sometimes. Praying that her body will stabilize and improve soon, but knowing that God is doing a good work regardless of the timeline. Praying for you all!

  2. bereanize said

    I appreciate your comment Melissa. You are such an encouragement.

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