Infusion #2

February 6, 2012

Well, infusion #2 isn’t going nearly as well as #1 did.  As I sit to write she is trying to watch a movie we brought, Narnia, but see’s me writing.  She said, “Say that Hopie hates it.”  Poor baby.  Who enjoys discomfort?  Well, I was just urged by the Holy Spirit to stop her movie and pray with her, so that’s what I’ll do.  (pause)

I’m thankful for the opportunity to pray with my sweet daughter.  I prayed the Lord would be glorified through her during this physical trial and that it would draw us closer to Him.  I also prayed for peace and comfort.

The morning began with us remembering all her comforts from home, pillow, blanket, ‘Mr. Monkey Man’ [the new blue monkey I bought her last week for this infusion time], movies, computer, sour candies & and Kindle.  We arrived a few minutes early, bought coffee for mua and  were sat in the first infusion cubby.  It takes quite a bit of time for them to get started, so I’d say we waited nearly an hour before the nurse came in to prep her for the IV but thanks to books and computerized distractions she waited patiently.  While waiting I left the room and bought her a Vitamin Water and donut.  That is a major no-no with her low carb, low sodium diet, but I felt an urge to get it.  Our nurse was kind at first but didn’t hit her vein well and all and was pulling the straw round and round, back and forth in her arm.  NOT good.  I know when I’M uncomfortable with the amount of time spent on wiggling, jiggling and maneuvering it around, Hope is WAY past uncomfortable.  She cried and cried, soaked her pillow with tears, etc, flipped it over and did the same.  I am so proud that she isn’t one to wiggle about or she probably would have been stuck again.  Once the IV was in and taped down her skin turned red and was excessively & unbearably itchy.  She’d never calmed down from the needle stick and was stick crying and whining.  Nurse had to tape the IV down with a different tape, remove the clear tape and apply another band aid.  It got a little noisy.  The medication entering the arm is obviously room temperature and makes her arm cold.  It takes a while but she’s finally getting into her movie and is forgetting about how cold it makes her arm feel.  After this drama was finally over we split the donut, me giving her the larger half.  I was thankful I bought the donut. 🙂

I am very thankful for technology today.  Just thinking of all the comforts here; such a blessing.  She is sitting in a chair that, if she chooses, reclines and has a foot rest, we can dim the lights, she’s watching a movie, has her pillows and blanket, is sucking on sugar-free sour candies, and is being given medicine that was approved in 1959.  I think of other children and adults who have passed on before this medicine was approved.  I am thankful for those who have gone on to be with the Lord Jesus and it burdens me for souls who did not and do not know Jesus.  Their day of grace has passed.  I wonder about the other children, even the young teen who is sitting in the next cubby beside us.  Does she know Jesus?  (pause for prayer)

Time to end this episode as her monitor is beeping.  Almost done!  They’ll finish it off with a ‘flush’ and we’ll wait an additional 30 minutes to ensure she has no allergic reactions.  I gave her a Zofran at the beginning of the infusion so she wouldn’t have to experience the headache and nausea like last week.  Another thing I am so thankful for!  Thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus!


2 Responses to “Infusion #2”

  1. David and Betty said

    Magnify the Living God!

    Again we say thanks for keeping us up to date on your journeys. We don’t read e-mails or blogs on the weekend since we have land-line technology and it is slower than Milipede with two feet.

    We have read all your posts since “Colds, Coughs, and Peanut butter and I can tell you so far that I only like the peanut butter so we’ve increased our prayer intensity for all that other stuff.

    It is quite and ordeal this whole thing of fusions, injections. medicines, administration instruments, pens etc. Pretty soon we will all be writing with syringes and administering medicine with a pen, but God is with you and we pray. You and Darrel are right on as parents and God honors that. It must be difficult as a Mom but we pray for your comfort also.

    Give all the kids and Darrel a hug from us and know that we love all of you and pray daily.

    David and Betty

  2. I sure don’t like it that Hope and You have to go through all of the pain, uncomfortableness, etc. But you never know but you may be the only person praying for those kids you were talking about that were in the same room. God can turn all of this around for His Glory and use you and Hope for His purpose and Will. At least knowing that God is with you and using you is a comfort. Continually praying for you both and everyone else in the family. Love you! Grammie

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