Almost Done!

February 4, 2012

There’s nothing like loading yourself down with a major project while running a household, managing finances, caring for a sick child AND teaching your children.  But hey, what’s a lady to do?  I am a planner, but then again can be very spontaneous.  It’s been a long time coming but each room in my house that hasn’t been painted yet is in great need of painting.  Alas, there is only 1 of me and well, Darrel just isn’t the painter.  So, after seeing their dirty, grungy, nail poked walls for the last time and wanting to do something that would bless the girls, I went and bought paint!  If you aren’t  familiar with my verbage, ‘the girls’ means Hope and Trinity.  Yes, Danielle is my girl too, but there are 7+ years between her and the others and she just doesn’t get thrown in the phrase ‘the girls’ very often.  I must admit painting was also for my sanity as well since I teach them in there every day. (I notice detail)

I’d write more but I still have bed ruffles and curtains to sew, so I’d better get this posted.  The frames (all but the 2 little orange ones) were old frames of mine which Danielle painted with 1 coat and I finished off with the other 5.  Yes!  The brown kept showing through.  ha  It took many hours of work but once I hung them I’ve found great satisfaction.  The girls chose the scriptures and I chose to put fruits of the spirit along with them to encourage them each time they look up.  So thankful for God’s word and pray that He writes it upon their/our hearts as we walk out this journey of grace together. [scriptures they chose Phil 1:6, John 14:27, 1 Thess 5:16-18, 1 John 1:9]


3 Responses to “Almost Done!”

  1. shelly said

    Most excellent. Very pretty color. Love the frames. You are a good mama! *smile*

  2. Looks Great!! Love having the fruit of the spirit and the scriptures there to remind them. You did a super job even in the middle of all your many other jobs. God has given you a gift! Be thankful! Not everyone can do all of those things but He gives you the will and the strength. Love you! MOM

  3. Megan Bennett said

    It looks so GREAT…and girly. LOVE the colors. Nice job!

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