The Pen

February 3, 2012

We finally got approval on the Humira ‘pen’ on Tuesday afternoon so I went to pick it up.  I am so thankful for insurance and our rx co-pay; had we not had it the cost of these injections would put us on the street!

Knowing that Hope would be very upset to learn she is going to receive yet more injections added to her life, Darrel and I both decided he should tell her about them prior to me giving it.  Wondering if these colds were going to turn fever (which Danielle’s fever left, thank you Jesus) we waited until yesterday to tell her about it and administer it.

Darrel took her into another room and began explaining why she needed this medicine, etc. and she began to cry.  That little girl must have cried for 30 minutes; well, I know she did because I set a timer for the injection to set out for 30 minutes to ‘warm up’ and she cried the whole time.  But God was with her and gave her comfort…parents are a means of grace to children…we held her, hugged her and loved on her.  I opted to ice the injection site like we used to do some with her calcitonin shots in hopes it would minimize the sting.

Having given injections for 3 years now, I think it would have been much less intimidating to have a regular syringe than that dad burned Pen. [that was for you David…you’re wearing off on me :)]  It is HUGE!   Looks like you are going to stick someone with a 2 inch needle or something.  And not being able to see the needle at all, well, that leaves one to imagine all sorts of things.  Perhaps it is very helpful for people who are not used to getting shots, I’ll bet it is, but for Hope it was scary.

We were also told we would need to leave the needle in for about 10-15 seconds while the medicine automatically injects at a particular rate.  Well, the needleless-pen they gave us to practice with looked as if the medicine would finish injecting in about 4-5 seconds but I thought, “That’s just because there’s no fluid in it.”  We were all very pleasantly surprised to see that it injected more like the 4-5 seconds!  Yay, yay, yay!!!

The medicine burned some but her reaction to the pain was even less than her daily injections.  So, another Praise the Lord here!!!

I’m excited to see how she is feeling this morning, for I’ve read articles and heard from the nurse that most patients, where the Humira is effective in treating their disease, will feel a difference even within hours of the injection.

I really don’t want to keep giving her shots though.  There is a medication called Remicade that is given less often through and IV at the hospital and I would much rather go this route, however, we have less control with it.  If Hope catches a cold virus or some other type of infection, with this Humira pen we can opt to not give her next dose, let her immune system kick back in and fight it off.  With Remicade, once the medicine is in her and she caught something, we’d just have to wait it out which I think was more like 6-8 weeks.  So for now, we’ll rejoice that these medications are even available and be thankful for whatever relief she receives.

I thank God for salvation, for a Christian husband and children who are always pointing one another to Christ and good works.  God is so kind and faithful during the week to lift our eyes to Him through means of some encouraging word coming out of the mouth of one of us and that is only by His grace and by His Spirit!


One Response to “The Pen”

  1. Shelly Jones said

    AMEN! So glad to hear good news. Continuing to pray for you and your family, sis. I love you. *smile* Shelly

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