Colds, Coughs and Peanut Butter

February 2, 2012

We have colds here at the Schiel’s.  Sometimes I feel like a hypochondriac.  Not for myself, but my children.  Sometimes I think people look and me and think, “She’s nuts…she a germaphobe.”  Oh well, another are a God is growing me I guess. 🙂  It just seems like these Schiel kids don’t just ‘catch the common cold”; they CATCH the cold, I mean catch it and hold onto it through the ages!  ha  That’s what it feels like at least.  Trinity caught a cold the 2nd week of December and hasn’t stopped coughing since.  I finally took her to the Dr. last week and they thought it might be GERD.  Laughable.  Then we thought it might be asthma and started her on an inhaler.  Then Danielle started coughing too and I realized…”This isn’t asthma, this is her 3rd round of a cold that includes a cough!”  Now, she and Danielle have been sick since early last week and now Isaac is coughing.  Dani started running a low-grade fever last night so I’ll need to watch her.  Her poor little tummy, back, etc. are sore from all her coughing.

We were supposed to give Hope her injection of Humira but have not done so.  First, we had to wait for a 2nd Dr. approval from the pharmacy before her insurance would even pay for it.  All I can say is we are SO, SO blessed.  The Dr.’s said to go ahead and give her the injection if she, herself isn’t running a fever or showing signs of an infection but I am hesitant due to what the other 3 are encountering.  I’m going to call Dr. again today after I see if Danielle is running a fever this morning.  After reading the side-effects to Humira, it makes this mom think, “Wow!  I’m injecting my daughter with something that will either help her or kill her.”  It’s quite sobering.  I am so thankful that God is in control and I can trust Him for the outcome of her health.

I started a slight cough last night as well and wasn’t feeling 100% so I hit the sack at 8:30 p.m. while Darrel watched a short movie with the children.  I do not believe anyone gave Hope the Melatonin and she slept soundly, so it seems [they’re still asleep].  Her appetite is up a little but she is being very responsive to the low carb/low sodium snacks she’s being offered.  Her favorite at this point is a stick of celery with no salt/no sugar peanut butter.  She’s like her daddy.  She loves that peanut butter!

Update a few hours later:  So, I’ve since learned that Hope was up past mid-night; unable to sleep.  She is unaware that the prednisone can cause insomnia and is also unaware that I’ve been giving her melatonin to help with sleep.  So, I will be sure she has some tonight.  I will look into the other things my sister has recommended but I’ve also read that it is often safely given to children 2.5-10mg.


2 Responses to “Colds, Coughs and Peanut Butter”

  1. David and Betty said

    Magnify the Living God!

    Wow! What a day in anybody’s life. I look back in wonder of how my mother handled dealing with 13 children(of course I was never any trouble for her. I never caught a cold because that devil didn’t want to land on me).

    I encourage you Shari. God is guiding you. If we read the side effects of sin you know dad burned well it will kill you. So we trust in the Divine Physician and His good effects.

    We are in continual prayer for all of you and we love you all very much

    David and Betty

  2. bereanize said

    side effects of sin…will kill you. David, what a great dad burned reminder. 🙂 I love you!!

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