Sleeping through the Night

January 31, 2012

I heard that taking steroids can also cause one to encounter insomnia so I ventured out and bought an under-the-tongue, 3mg melatonin.  I gave it to Hope before bed and she slept soundly.  Praise the Lord!  Will do so again this evening with high hopes it has the same effect. 🙂


4 Responses to “Sleeping through the Night”

  1. shelly said

    I prefer natural sleep aids like lavender, and hierbal teas. You have to be quite careful with melatonin. It can be harmful if taken in to large a doseage. I believe you r giving her too much. Warm chamomille tea an hour or so before bed does wonders with my kids. Sweeten with honey. Check out this link to other natural sleep aids…,,20306715,00.html. read what it says about melatonin. I like the wild lettuce tip. U can grow ur own in ur little garden and feed it to her instead of getting the pills.

  2. shelly said

    This site has good info as well. I have lemon balm, Passion flower and chamomille. I can make u a loose-leaf tea for her if u would like. Lavender and hops are easy to find to make a sachet for her pillow. *smile * Auntie Shelly…big SIS.

  3. shelly said oops! I forgot to post the site! Lol. Sorry.

  4. Megan Bennett said

    I think you are a sweet and compassionate mama! I love the way you love your kids!

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