First Steroid Infusion

January 30, 2012

I have nothing to compare this with, so I’m going to say our first Solumedrol infusion went very well.  I know we had a lot of friends and family praying; if you were one of them, THANK YOU!!!

Hope gets a lot of needle sticks.  Since February 2009 she has had a least one shot a day, many days she had needles injected to draw blood; at first it was every other day from March-May 2009.  The Lord was so kind to level off her hypercalcemia and now only has labs for that about every 2-3 months.  Back in August 2011 she began getting 2 shots a day and since then her blood draws have increased a lot.  So, she’s very familiar with needles.  So much so that you’d think she was ‘immune’ to them by now, but alas, she’s grown in anxiety about them.  She’s still an awesome patient and doesn’t wiggle or move around [much] but from the moment she sits down, well, she knows what’s coming so her anxiety flares.  This is an area for prayer!

The Tx Children’s Infusion Center is an open room with areas for about 10 children to receive infusions.  Each section has the ability to close the area off with a large curtain so that helps with privacy if it’s desired.  Before Hope’s IV was inserted she had the opportunity to see and hear several little children getting their’s placed.  Lots of crying and whining.  My initial thought was, “Oh, no!  This isn’t going to help her feel more at ease.”  This was probably true, BUT, the Lord used it to grow her in compassion all the more.  Her heart goes out to anyone hurting, so, this is the first thing I was thankful for.  During her computer playing I would see her look at the crying child and say, “Aw, poor baby!”

They have this AWESOME light; I don’t know if it’s a blue light or what, but they can see right through the skin and see the vein really well.  Second thing I was thankful for!  No rooting around for that little vein, just bam, and they have it in.  She did bury her head in one of the two pillows she had around her, but this is her way.  She’s like a little ostrich.  “If I can’t see it, maybe I won’t feel it.”  🙂

They begin giving her the infusion, she played a little game on my laptop and all was going well.  She sucked more sugar free sour Jolly Ranchers than I’d like to admit, but I am so thankful they are available!!!  The medicine does give her a terrible taste in her mouth and they help immensely.  So, I’ll have to add another bag of those on my grocery list each week now.

She doesn’t care for the cold feeling in her arm nor that her fingers feel numb, but I assured her this was part of it.  Everything was going fine until her bag was nearly finished and all of a sudden her face went flush.  She got a headache and became nauseated.  Praise the Lord I remembered to bring Zofran.  I gave her one and after about 20 minutes, a nice cold wash cloth and me fanning her, she was ok.  During this time she was very upset and began to cry.  She said, “I want Jesus to heal me.”

The infusion lasted a bit longer than I’d expected and we didn’t get out of there until around noon, but I think next time we’ll get to leave a bit sooner.  We’ll see.

Other than having some soreness, she is doing fine now and has asked to soak in a warm bath.  I did take her to Kroger on the way home and let her buy a pot of mini-roses.  The children bought me some for my 40th birthday and she likes to cut them and give them to her siblings and friends.  Now she has her own to cut up all she wants and she’s very pleased!

Next week I’ll be more prepared by having her own personal pillow and blanket [which she says have a wonderful smell that make her feel better], a movie, lots of sour Jolly Rancher candies and specific scriptures to share with her about how much Jesus loves her and is caring for her. Please pray that we’ll be able to serve her well by keeping her on a low carb, low sodium diet during all of this to keep her from gaining too much weight and retaining lots of water.   Her immune system will also be compromised from this drug as well as the Humira shot she will get in just a little while; praying God will protect our family against viruses during this time.   Thank you for praying; please keep praying!


One Response to “First Steroid Infusion”

  1. David and Betty said

    Magnify the Living God!

    Thank you for the post. Thank you Father that this precious child has been placed by You in the Schiel family. Thank you Father that you provide the means and the ennablement to endure for all concerned. Thank You Father that you hear our prayer.

    We do not get e-mails at home -(land line speed) so we missed the Jan 30 postt. Dan however asked the congregation to pray regarding your family this past Sunday.

    We have been praying for this child every day since Darrel was on I-45 taking her to Children’s hospital on January 10, 2003, and we never cease to pray for her. We will continue to hold Hope up as well as the rest of your little family.

    We encourage you Shari. It is never easy but you are doing it right. We know that the Father is extremely proud of you and your family – you all are are a blessing to all who know you.

    We love you all

    David and Betty

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