He Cares

January 24, 2012

Hope has been complaining the last week of experiencing pain while breathing.  At first I thought it was inflammation in her rib cage but she says, “No, mommy, it’s not like that.”  After more probing I understand that it is indeed pain in her lungs.  Whatever is happening to her is now affecting her breathing.  Today was the height of my aknowlegement of this as she came into Isaac’s room, where I was teaching him, and crying about the way it felt.  I called rheumatology and left a message at the nurses desk, and although I tried to conceal my concern and sadness, ended up breaking down at the end while leaving my phone number.

Trinity has also been coughing since December 13th and I finally gave in and took her to our pediatrician yesterday.  Long story short, I didn’t agree with her diagnosis, but didn’t say anything; didn’t fill the new prescription given either.  But this morning Danielle reminded me that she and Isaac both had brief bouts with asthma at about her age; I totally forgot!  So, I do believe the coughing might be some form of allergy asthma and will be calling the Dr. back to get her opinion.

Although I feel washed over with medical issues at times [weary, not fearful] I know Jesus cares for us, loves us and is interceding on our behalf.  How kind that He would even care to have us kneel down at His feet and communicate with Him.  That He would allow us to do so; that He has bridged the gap, crossed the great divide, so that we can be His; called His children; that we may be comforted by Him.  Oh, the sweet love of Jesus!


One Response to “He Cares”

  1. David and Betty said

    Magnify the Living God!

    We are with you in the “trench.” We encourage you in your “washed” over feeling’ doing our part also as we lift up your burden with you, in prayer. You continue do what you must, God will guide you.

    Your last paragraph sums it up. We love you all and pray for you daily.

    David and Betty

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