Back to My Bacon

January 21, 2012

So, we decided to go out on Thursday to Brazos Bend State Park and use our pass before it expires the end of Jan.  It was cloudy, over-cast and windy.  But the kids had a great time.  We drove around to a part of the park we’ve not been and found a new play place.  They had a fort at least 15 ft up and they loved it!  Danielle took pictures and then sat and drew in her sketch book.  Isaac, Hope and Trinity played for a long time until Hope tired out.  She then got her sketch book too and they all drew; well, until Isaac thought about how much fun it might be to try and throw things UP the 10 foot slide.  He and Trinity were doing all sorts of things with the gravelly rocks.  He’s nuts…well, I should say, he’s creative. 🙂

We ate a picnic and I sat.  I sat in a chair and watched the clouds roll by.  It was lovely, although I kept seeing creepy faces in the clouds.  You remember as a kid all the fun animals and things you would see in the clouds?  No cute figures that day, all scary faces.  I don’t know why.

I ended up reading a book I’d just started, Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis.  It is beckoning me right now!

The day wasn’t what I’d planned but it was a good day.  Came home to hear someone from rheumatology trying to schedule us an appointment.  ha  They had closed for the day.  So, Friday morning I called.  Hope has an appointment at 9 a.m. with Dr. DeGuzman.  I am, at the moment, very happy about this.

Today, I took Hope and Danielle on a couple of errands and ended up at Hobby Lobby for Danielle to find some things to make a mask for a party next weekend.  After walking around, perhaps an hour, Hope’s feet and ankles were killing her.  When we were walking out she was just hobbling and hobbling along.  Ladies older than me were trying to pass.  She said, “I must look ridiculous!” But outwardly she didn’t seem to care much, just wanted to get off her feet.  By the time we got to the van she couldn’t even get in.  So, I am VERY glad we are getting in to see the Dr. Friday.  It couldn’t come soon enough.

Good news!  Darrel’s biopsy came back as Morphea which is just a localized scleroderma (hardening of the skin).  Nothing to be worried about.  She told him not to go snooping about online about scleroderma or we might get a shock, but his is nothing to worry about.  He has some topicort to use on it for a couple of weeks and his hair might even grow back.  So, my heart has been set at ease.  Thank you, Lord!

And last, but not least, Grady was kind enough to give us a leg of lamb this week.  It was a BIG leg.  I looked up a recipe he told me about and got it roasting this morning.  Roasted that leg for over 8 hours. {I must insert here a very strange occurance today.  For reasons unknown to us, Luther has a ‘no tolerance policy’ to roasting lamb in this house.  From about hour 2 of cooking, he ran upstairs sniffing the air, hid under the bed and wouldn’t come out.  When we finally coaxed him out he would only sit under Darrel’s desk, walk a foot or two out, sniff the air and go right back under.  It wasn’t until the lamb was eating and all the dishes washed that he came out of the room.  Weird-y!!!}   The lamb turned out  fall-off-the-bone tender.  The children all liked it, Darrel thought it was prepared well, but wasn’t too hot on it and me, well, the one who tries it all and loves it all…. Bleh!  I ate it, but I won’t be eating it again anytime soon.  It’s that after taste.  I don’t want to spoil the lamb eating experience for anyone else, so I won’t share my reason with anyone, but I have farm issues in my past that won’t allow me to enjoy goat cheese and now leg of lamb.  Oh well!  Back to my bacon. 🙂 [I love bacon]


One Response to “Back to My Bacon”

  1. David and Betty said

    Magnify the Living God!

    Thank you Shari for your rendition of “another few days with the Schiel’s.” We too have somewhat of days in the “Panorama Park.”

    Of course we don’t have to go to far, because the “park benches” are on the patio. We don’t see what kind of day it is since we have trouble looking up. Oh well! Even though we can empathize with Hope, we have to sit on the edge of the bed for ten minuets before we can even think of walking, and then we have to rest between the bedroom and the living room. We thank God that He is Sovereign. Our prayer when walking is “Lord, if you you lift up our legs, we will put them down.” So off we go. It is easier to follow the Lord, He goes slow. Personally I think Isaac and Trinity have the right response – throw stones and gravel up hill – they will come back all by themselves.

    We love you all. Thanks for the report on Darrel. We are praying with you re the visit with the Rheumatologist.

    David and Betty

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