Celebrating her life

January 10, 2012

We celebrated Hope’s 9th birthday yesterday; a day early!  Danielle and I stayed up late Sunday night getting the dining table ready.  Danielle set up such a beautiful table of plates, folded napkins, dainty tea cups and homemade paper flowers she’d made.  She also made a homemade cloth banner; so cute!  I made a blue balloon bouquet by taping them onto bamboo skewers and putting them in a little cup.  We wrapped her gifts in blue paper with pretty bows to match.  As she descended down the stairs she got a view of the table and she loved it.  I made homemade waffles with butter and powdered sugar [less sprinkles than usual *grin] and blackberries but she still enjoyed them; birthday waffles have been a tradition of ours for years now.  For lunch we picked up a box of fried chicken; that girl loves fried chicken!  Hope received a beautiful Swan Princess ballet Barbie doll from Grammy of which the girls played with  while I vacuumed my room and cleaned my bathroom [ha].  Then I steamed asparagus and c-r-a-b legs.  In the 20 years of our marriage we have not had crab legs, but Hope asked for them a few weeks ago and I figured, “Why not!”  So, we had quite a mess and ate rather slowly, as that’s the only way you can eat crab legs!  Plain cheesecake with strawberries to finish things off.  Over-all I’d say she had quite a successful birthday celebration.


2 Responses to “Celebrating her life”

  1. Megan Bennett said

    Yummy and FUN! I want to celebrate my birthday as a Schiel this year!!!

  2. Shelly Jones said

    MOST EXCELLENT!!! Happy Birthday, sweet niece! I love you!!!
    Auntie Shelly

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