God’s Provision II

August 30, 2011

Before I pray God knows my need.  Before I wrote a word God was preparing for me to receive $ in the mail from Kroger.  As I wrote a blog post God was preparing the heart of friends to send money to care for the needs of the Schiel family.  How can I do anything but stand in awe of this God we serve?  God so swiftly and kindly sent money through some of His children to completely pay for our  a/c repairs.  Should I be surprised?  Absolutely not.  I’m not surprised but I still sit and marvel at His love to us and am thankful for obedient and generous children of God.

And now as I sit in my dining room I look at wilting Gerbera Daisies.  They were so beautiful a few days ago and now, despite my care for them, they are wilting; fading away and losing precious petals.  I think through the last few days and esp. today and continue to marvel at God’s kindness.  I’m not jumping up and down with excitment today, but have a deep seeded joy and faith in Christ Jesus for what He is doing in and through His people.  I think about how His ways are not our ways; I think about how much He must love us to allow things not to go the way we would choose.

After 2 1/2 years of daily injections, Hope finally got to try a nasal spray for her hypercalcemia.  Each person in our family has been elated at this opportunity for our dear little Hope and, no doubt, she’s been the most excited and anticipatory.  I drove with Isaac and Trinity to take her to give blood for her labs Monday morning since she hadn’t had any med’s since Sunday morning around 8 a.m.  She woke up not feeling great so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to see what her blood calcium levels were at; we usually get blood taken  in the afternoon after she’s already had a shot.  I’ve often wondered if her levels change within a 24 hour period, so I’ve been thankful for this opportunity. (soon to find out the results)  After we picked up the nasal spray we returned home.  Hope wanted to do the spray in the presence of the entire family; quite a big deal to be sure!  Once home we decided I’d better “pull the trigger” the first few times until she was sure she’d pump it fast and hard enough; we don’t want to waste a drop.  Once taken her eyes welled up with tears and her nose got really red.  She kept sniffing in so she wouldn’t lose any medicine but was saying it really hurt.  (Personally, I despise nasal sprays and would rather have shots…I think!)  She didn’t feel well most of the day yesterday, but we have those days so I just listened.

Today, Hope woke up and, sadly, there was no excitement for the nasal spray.  After breakfast she began to cry saying, “I don’t want nasal spray, I don’t want shots, I don’t want any medicine.”  We proceeded and sprayed in the opposite nostril, of which we received the same response as yesterday; teary eyes, red nose and an upset little girl.  But today she cried most of the day on and off complaining of back pain and throat pain.

What’s a mother to do with an 8 year old girl who has idiopathic (unknown cause) hypercalcemia and, as far as she can tell, this child will have to take injections or nasal spray the  rest of her life?  How does she help this child deal with the physical and emotional pain?

Not being able to work on her school work nor concentrate she gets up from her desk and lies on her bed.  “Mommy, will you please pray for me?”

A mother lays down on the bed with her child, holds her and they look out the window at the beautiful blue sky and white, wispy clouds blowing by.  She begins to pray and asks God to heal her; asks God to help her feel better; and then proceeds to thank Him for giving us reminders of His love and care for us.  She thanks God for pain and sickness so that we aren’t content to stay in this world but long to be with Him.  She thanks Him that He doesn’t allow us to have perfection, to have every single need met perfectly or we’d want to stay here and we’d be content with little or no desire for Him.  She thanks Him that He lets us see our great need for a Savior which grows our hearts to pray for others who are lost.

Later in the day she gives her child a back rub with peppermint oil to soothe and relax her muscles.  She lies on the bed with her and reads her stories about contentment in Christ; about God’s sovereignty and though we don’t always know what His plan is or why, He has known since before the foundations of the world.  Helping her to see that when He brings her through “fiery trials” to trust Him; to pray for His all-sufficient grace.  To pray for strength.

This is another way God is providing for us; for Hope.  What a name He’s given her; what hope we have in Jesus!


2 Responses to “God’s Provision II”

  1. David and Betty said

    Magnify the Living God!

    God love and bless abundantly all of you. He remains our sovereign answer. He is the sovereign God of providence. He is the sovereign God of all circumstances. It is He who will bring us through.

    Thank you Shari for your beautiful and encouraging post. What an exposition of the promises of God as contained in His Word. What a story related by His 8 year old. What tender response from a mother. There is hope in Hope in the God of hope.

    We love you all dearly, and pray for you daily.

    David and Betty

  2. Casu said

    These words are book-worthy, my friend!

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