Scary Stories

May 28, 2011

  So, the cousin’s (my sister and her children) are here for Memorial Weekend.  I was listening to a new song for worship with earphones on when I notice Darrel getting up from his seat.  I didn’t give it much thought but when he re-entered the room he had a compassionate but funny look on his face.  I learned that one of the cousin’s told such a scary bed-time story that Hope and Trinity burst into tears 

 Yes, I felt sad for them, went to console them, and yes, I’m fairly sure that at least 1 of the girls’ will wake up tonight and need more consoling, but another thought came to mind.  And that thought was, “Wow!  My girls were actually afraid of a ‘silly, scary story’.”   I am thankful because with the movies and media that are out these days many children are numb to things that should shock.  I’m thankful they have not been de-sensitized and I’m also thankful that Hopie asked for prayer!  🙂  God is good and faithful.  And, yes, despite the scary story incident, the cousin’s are having a great time together!!!



May 25, 2011

God’s Graciousness

May 24, 2011

  While teaching the girls’ I noticed Hope was day dreaming and not writing on a handwriting page I had given her.  My usual response is, “Hope, finish your paper… get busy… work hard…stop daydreaming.”  But today I was impressed to ask questions. 

Me- “Hope, what are you doing?”

Hope- “Thinking.”

Me- “About what?”

Hope- “About God.”

Me- “What about God?”

Hope- “His graciousness.”

Me- “What about His graciousness?”  (I know…sometimes I wish I didn’t have to probe, but one must do this with a child to get to the heart at times. 🙂

Hope- “My shots.”

Me- ” Can you explain?”

Hope- “God is gracious to me by letting me have a shot every day instead of dying.”

I’m so thankful that He has worked in her heart over the last  2 years where she’s even able to make a statement like that at 8 years of age.  She still despises the shots but is thankful.  You are amazing God!

a story with no words

May 21, 2011

big deal

May 20, 2011

  two things i absolutely must not forget about yesterday…we found a small dog a few days ago and are trying to locate her home. 

hope is totally attached to her.  well, we’re all falling for the sweet little thing.  but she had commented on wed. about wanting to get rid of luther and keeping her. 

while out in the driveway yesterday, talking to a neighbor, she says, “if i had to choose, i’d choose luther.”  What?  i had to ask if i’d heard wrong.

hope- “i would want to keep luther.  i wouldn’t want my sister (dani) to be sad.” 

this is a big deal! 

then hours later while i’m working on a project and voicing my discouragement especially concerning my computer and printer, hope hops up off a chair next to me, puts her hand on my shoulder and says, ‘mama, let me pray for you.’ 

this is a big deal!

she prayed the sweetest, thoughtful prayer.  it was so tender and from her heart.  i actually felt cared for.  amazing!

God, You are amazing and doing a work in that little 8 year old heart.  and you are allowing me the privilge to see the fruit of Your work.

this is a big deal!  🙂