Bible History

December 29, 2010

  I have been reading through a 3 volume series with the children called The Bible History Told to Our Children by John Vreugdenhil.  It is excellent!  If you are looking to read through the entire Old and New Testament with your children in a storybook fashion I highly recommend it!!   I have currentlly found only one set available on Amazon (used) for $100 but it would be money well worth spending.

  There’s also  Long Story Short: Ten Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God by Marty Machowski but we haven’t read it yet.


Is A Change Ahead?

December 27, 2010

  Well, yes, ultimately change is going to occur.  It always does whether we want it to or not.  All I have to do it look at myself or my children and see that change occurs daily. 

   While fixing Hope’s hair yesterday I was caressing her face as it is soft and smoothe as can be.  She, in turn, began caressing my neck and said it was ‘flabby’, or in other, kinder words, “loose”.  Ah yes, the days of tight, smoothe skin are long gone for this lady, but I wouldn’t go back for anything!

  As I sit at my desk thinking about the coming days and how I can best serve and teach these children God has given me, I wonder if there is another cirriculum that would best serve us all.  It is VERY difficult to teach 3 (Isaac, Hope and Trinity) children the basics of reading, writing and arithmatic and then for me to still have energy to teach them anything else like history or science, of which they haven’t been getting for the past month or two.  So, I’m looking into some other ways to teach these little angels without putting us in the poor house.  My heart would be to teach by reading ‘whole’ books, the Charlotte Mason way…and books we do have.  But I don’t have them organized very well.  Perhaps that would be the next step; we’ll see.  So for now I pray and seek to do my best with the help of the Holy Spirit. 🙂

Reflecting on Relationships

December 7, 2010

  After I had Trinity and she and Hope both had to have open heart surgery, I thought of how close they would be as sisters.  Not only were they only 17 months apart but they would both have scars on their stomach and chests to signify what they went through.  I had such a great relationship with my own sister growing up that I just KNEW these girls would be best of friends.

  Well, as the years progressed it was very evident that these girls were NOT the best of friends.  They fought or found their fun with Danielle or Isaac.  This was an option my sister and I did not have, being just we two and no other siblings.  So, for years my heart was sad with thoughts of my two heart surgery girls, close aged sisters not being good friends.  I continued praying that God would bring them close.

  Well, right now I am sitting in my closet.  Seems strange, I know, but I am trying to work on Christmas presents which are hiding in here.   Hope and Trinity are taking a bath together in our garden tub and they are having a blast.  There are peels and squeals of laughter floating from the bathroom along with splashes.  Yes, there are still some, “MOMMY” screams coming out in fun, but this is just another evidence that God has been at work for some time.  I think they would say they are best friends…regardless, they have a lot of fun together where just 2 years ago I don’t recall them having fun together period. 

  This causes me to cry for another reason.  Deep down, hearing them  grows my faith for another area in our lives that I pray will grow and change.  At times my flesh is very strong and faith seems so weak.  I know God is at work, but I think, “This is never going to change.”  And I’m sure years ago I thought, “These girls are never going to be friends.”  I know better than to say ‘never’ or ‘ever’, but when I’m walking through a trial or hardship I can be tempted to feel or think that way.  God is teaching me patience and, by jove, it ain’t easy! 

  I am so thankful God is faithful, kind and merciful.  I give Him all glory and much thanks for the laughter I hear coming from our bathroom and will continue trusting Him for all the rest.  🙂

A Little Inspiration

December 4, 2010

  I decided to get Hope in the kitchen with me to make some zucchini bread.  Half way through Trinity comes down and decides she’d like to be a part of all the excitement so she begins stirring the dry goods.  Hope finishes grading the zucchini, mixes it in, Trinity cracks the egg and gets no shell in the batter for the first time ever!  She was proud of that! 

  During the making of the bread dough, Danielle is searching around the house, second day of searching now, to try and find Luther’s (her/our dog) leash.  Hope played with it yesterday while hoping she’d get to take him on a walk and cannot remember where she put it.  So, Danielle calls, “Hope, please come help me find Luther’s leash!” 

  Hope hops down from the kitchen counter top and sighs, “I don’t know where I put it.  I’m so sorry!” 

  I see she is down and dejected so I offer her a lick of the bread dough, which she adores.  I put a spoon out her way and say, “Here sweetie.  This will inspire you!”  She takes a few licks and heads up the stairs to search for the lost leash.  As I put the licked spoon in the sink to soak Trinity, now standing on a chair next to me, says, “How about inspiring ME!”

No Surprise

December 2, 2010

Trinity eating Israeli Couscous“My brain was trying to say ‘mmm, this is good’, but my tongue just wouldn’t say it!”

Hope– “I like the taste but I can’t take the texture.” (this was no surprise…it was a bit slimy)

Isaac & Danielle loved it!