Priceless #2

July 28, 2010

  Priceless to me is reading my daughters’ blog about what is priceless to her.  To know that God is answering her prayers…its effect on more than just Hope, me our other children, Darrel our friends, family…it extends so far beyond.  It is eternal. 

  There was magic in the room last night.  As a Christian, I cannot leave that last sentence alone.  It’s so easy to say ‘magic’ because most people have had an experience they can deem as a magical moment.  There is electricity in the air, everyone is excited, something is happening.  Well, for us it was being together, singing God’s word, having fun while doing it.  We weren’t alone.  The spirit of God was with us and He brought the excitement. 

We were listening to Seeds Family Worship and were singing a couple of the songs that were already familiar to us.  Trinity was sitting in my lap and I encouraged her to jump up and make motions or sign language to fit the song.  You’ve seen it.  Children will cross over their heart as a sign for love or point from one hand to the other when saying Jesus.  So, she began trying and we all jumped in.  Trinity is very visual.  She’s not as much an auditory learner as the rest, so I think this was a big deal to her.  We moved on to the next song with Hope leading, then Isaac, then Danielle.  It was so much fun.  After this is when Hope asked to read some of the bible to us.  She had asked me earlier in the day if she could so I know God was already at work.  What I didn’t know was that Danielle had already been praying for her.

Hope’s reading was indeed beautiful.  Although she struggled through a bit and would spell out some words for help, she did a fabulous job.  It was interesting to me that neither Isaac nor Trinity especially, asked that she stop.  I think they were also keenly aware God was doing something and no one wanted it to stop!  What peaked my interest was just how she chose the scriptures she read.  That HAD to have been a God thing too.  No one prompted her to go there.  She didn’t ask.  She just walked off for a while saying she was going to have to look for what she needed to read.  Earlier I had prompted her to possibly read a Psalm or Proverb but she ended up reading from the Sermon on the Mount and about being salt and light.  It was beautiful.

Then Isaac asked to pray for the lost.  God has given him a passion for those who are not saved.  As Hope read God’s word a distressing look came over Isaac’s face and he said, “Mom, hell….forever?  I just can’t stand the thought that people are going to be in hell, forever!”  I could hear his heart.  I felt he was feeling it is ‘unfair’, but that led into a discussion about the mercy and grace God extends to those who put their trust in Jesus Christ.  Clarification came and a heart-felt prayer is what followed. 

After this Danielle shared, choking back tears (my kids don’t cry freely like I do), how she had been praying for Hope and how quickly God was answering her prayer.  I don’t remember now if it was before or after Danielle was sharing but Hope said, “I want to read the bible for my reading time (SSR- silent sustained reading).”  Danielle told her it was the best book in the world to read and I agreed that if she would indeed read it, she could choose that as her book every single day. 🙂



July 27, 2010

  Wow!  It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve written here.  I’ve been asking myself why I take the time to write and what could possibly be so interesting in my life to write about?  Why do people blog and is it healthy to blog?  Just journaling I guess…but some things I should write about to remind myself of the faithfulness of God I do not write about.  If I’m honest I think it’s a lack of faith in my readers to extend grace.  I don’t really know who all my readers are.  That being said I am thinking about when and what I should write about.  There are so many ‘small’ things going on in my life all the time, it’s hard to choose.  I’d like to write about one thing, like child training, or exercising, or food, or devotionals or education or gardening.  You get the picture? 

  For now I will leave this blog post remembering that the exclamatory part of my last two weeks has been marked by a renewed desire, or better stated, an absolute necessity in re-evaluating my own discipline in parenting and training.  It has been marked by many tears and prayers in great need of help from the Holy Spirit, who has been ever faithful.

   I received a phone call yesterday and was able to schedule Hope an appointment with Dr. Brendan Lee at Texas Chirldren’s Hospital for the month of October.  I’ve no idea if this appointment will bring us any closer to finding out the cause of Hope’s hypercalcemia but am excited for the opportunity to discuss her health with a doctor in a different field, as his expertise lies in genetics. 

  There is another, a Geoffrey Hendy Phd. in Montreal, whose specialty focuses on understanding parathyroid function in health and disease at the molecular level.   Hope’s blood was tested genetically months ago for a calcium-sensing receptor defect (CASR), which came back negative.  But this receptor acts as a ‘calciostat’ to sense the blood calcium level and regulate parathyroid hormone (PTH) secretion and parathyroid cell growth.  It seems as if this is what is occurring in her body….? 

    All of this information was shared with me by some friends who go to our church.  I’m amazed once again that the Lord has chosen to put doctor’s in our lives in our church body as he did when we were attending at Christ Church with Dr. Robinson.  Now, Dr. John Crews has taken an interest in Hope’s condition and took time to share some information with other colleagues which has taken us now on this new journey.  I am ever grateful!

   I stand amazed over and over at the intricacy of the human body and God’s perfection at keeping each cell and organ working as it does.  While going through the girls’ heart issues I was awe struck as I learned about the heart and its function.  Then learning about different diseases such as Kawasaki Disease when Isaac contracted it at age 6.  Me studying about my own disease, Vitiligo and now going more in-depth learning about kidney function and genetics, albeit just touching the surface. 

  Jesus Christ, the God I believe in, the God I believe created all things and holds all things together, is not only infinitely above all and anything we humans can think or understand, but He is all love.  My affections are held by Him like the bride for her bridegroom.  I cannot imagine what it will be like to see Him face to face, but I long for that day.  Until then, I will glory in His name alone and continue being marvelled and amazed at we, His created and His power to hold us and all things together. 

  Thank you God that I am the creature and you are the Creator.  There is none like you.

Frenshp Frever

July 11, 2010

  This morning Trinity presented Danielle with a lovely Crayola markered drawing with these words printed across the middle, “Frenshp Frever”.  So sweet!!!!

Marmot siting?

July 8, 2010

So, Isaac is looking up a word in the dictionary and he finds an absolutely adorable animal called a Marmot.  We decide to look up photo’s online to see if they are as cute in real life as the picture they drew in the dictionary.  Now we all want one and it’s our favorite animal of the month!!

Have you ever seen one of these cuties?

Complete Satisfaction

July 7, 2010

  This is well worth pondering and praying. 

  A Christian finds satisfaction in every circumstance by getting strength from another, by going out of himself to Jesus Christ, by his faith acting upon Christ, and bringing the strength of Jesus Christ into his own soul, he is thereby able to bear whatever God lays on him, by the strength that he finds from Jesus Christ. — Jeremiah Burrows

Meet Hedga and Hedgie

July 5, 2010

I happened upon the cutest website today for paper dolls.  If you have daughters who like to cut, color and play, these are just adorable!  Have fun.

Hedga  Hedga's Wedding Dress    Hedgie  Hedgie's Wedding Suit 

Patriotic Days

July 1, 2010

  We are giong to spend a rainy morning indoors listening to patriotic music online at 

and color some American Flags and such.  It’s going to be fun as we prepare for the 4th of July.  This is Trinity’s favorite holiday as she loves fireworks and Bomb Pops!    She gets her love of these from her mama…they are stil one of my favorite popcicles.  We’re also going to scan the attic for a box with 4th of July things in it like red, white and blue beaded necklaces, red and blue sun visors and more.  We just listened to a rendition of  America the Beautiful by the U.S. Marine Band and Hope said, “You mean like David?”  [written just for you David]  🙂