Valley Forge or Bust

April 28, 2009

  I got a call from my dear friend Carolyn Yohe yesterday.  Texas Yohe that is.  🙂  She is here in PA serving and caring for a friend and her family after the sudden loss of her brother.  Darrel being the kind soul that he is, has allowed the kids and me to hit the dusty trails this morning for a trip to see her, meet and encourage a new friend and take in a few hours at the nearby Valley Forge National Historical Park.  To the kids possible dismay, I stayed up printing out over 50 pages of worksheets and reading material on Valley Forge in order to make this trip educational.  I pray the Lord make it alive and enjoyable to them as they learn more of our American History!  This is also another wonderful opportunity to show the love and care of Christ to those hurting and in need. 

  Oh, we have been praying for our neighbor who is not a believer and has been in the hospital all week.  He has many physical challenges right now and this new one seems very serious.  He will be going back in for surgery soon.  We haven’t had many opportunities to share the gospel with him this year but have tried to be a friend and show the love of Jesus.  He loves talking to the children and watching them play.  Well, yesterday as I was leaving the house to pick up the kids from Jeannie’s (another blog) & he was feebly walking across his lawn toward our house.  I was in a bit of a hurry so I ran back into the house and told Darrel to come quickly.  Darrel put down his studies and went outside.  When I got home with the kids Darrel had mowed his lawn.  With a smile on his face he said, “He let me pray with him!”  We are rejoicing in faith that God may be working on his heart and continuing praying for his salvation.


Teen Time

April 20, 2009

  What do 2 teenage girls do for fun?  Well, Mariah agreed to spend the night a few weeks ago and work on an art project with Danielle.  They had both been taking an art class in our home by creative & fun Mrs. Campbell and have a picture due for their art show this coming Friday. 

  As I stood in the kitchen preparing dinner I heard two lovely voices….they were praying!  Praying over food?  Praying for an ill friend?  No.  I stopped working to listen and the girls were sitting at the table giving thanks to God for one another, for His gift of art and asking for His guidance with their projects.  My heart was so encouraged and stirred to great joy and faith!  What a blessing young Christian girls can be to everyone around them.  Thank you Danielle and Mariah for bringing glory to God and encouraging my soul!

Sweet Teens!

Sweet Teens!

2 Months Ago

April 18, 2009

  There is no doubt in my mind that God uses dates to help us see His kindness in special ways.  A recent example is that He so kindly allowed my grandmother to go to heaven on the day between her daughters’ birthday’s and not on one of them. 

  Friday nights are our family movie night.  Before we start the movie we give a specific thank you to each family member or an evidence of grace in their life.  This can take quite a bit of time since there are 6 of us but it is such a sweet time!  Tonight was no exception and after we were all through I heard Hope’s voice rise above the chatter of us all.  She was thanking me for being home to give her shot.  This was how it went…”Mama, I’m thankful you are home to give me my shot…not that Daddy didn’t do good; you did good Daddy, but I’m glad Mama’s back to do it again.  I mean, I don’t like getting my shots because they sting, but I’m thankful for my shots.” 

  Even as I typed those words tears well up in my eyes for joy to God that He’s allowing her to utter those words.  I was and am so thankful that even though she says she doesn’t want them and she cries when she gets them…she is indeed thankful.  God  is softening her heart!

  Then as we were watching The Tale of Despereaux, I was thinking back to those sweet words she said just minutes before the movie.  “How long has this taken?”, I thought.  We were released from Johns Hopkins Hospital on Darrel’s birthday, February 17, 2009…exactly 2 months ago. 

  God knows my frail mind and my inability to remember things well.  What kindness to allow me to hear what He’s doing in her heart, to remember to trust Him in all things, and to give thanks.  2 months is such a short time!  WOW!  I am so thankful for these gifts.  Dear Lord, may we never take them for granted.


April 12, 2009

  I am flying to Texas this morning on my mother’s birthday and a day we specifically celebrate our risen Savior Jesus Christ!  I say is a  specifically because as Christians each day is a celebration that Jesus died and rose from the dead! 

  I am pondering so many things in my heart this morning, leaving my family, the loss of my grandmother’s life on this earth, my grandfather and his time of grieving, my mother and aunt, all those who knew and loved her.  At the same time such joy that she is pain free, tear free, sin free and seeing face to face the sacrificial lamb, Jesus Christ, who loved her so much he died that she might live with him forever.  My heart leaps with joy that she is experiencing this wonder! 

  I pray that today as I am with family I will cry with those who are suffering while praising a God who has ended all suffering!   HE IS RISEN, HALLELUJAH!

Another Soul Home

April 11, 2009

  My grandmother, Ina Louise Adcock, 79 years, went home to be with the Lord this morning after a diagnosis of breast cancer just months ago.  I am rejoicing in several things, one that she didn’t suffer long, two that she know Jesus Christ as her Savior and is now with Him, and thirdly that God was so kind in allowing her to die today.  You see, my aunt Ana’s birthday was yesterday, she died today and my mother’s birthday is tomorrow.    Praise be to God for another soul set home free!!  May this inspire our hearts to share the gospel of Jesus Christ even more….we are only a breath away from eternity with or without Christ.  May we all be stirred to pray for and share our Love for Christ with passion!

Snow or No Snow?

April 8, 2009

  Now, that is the question!  We are leaving the church at break time and think we see cherry blossom’s floating around in the sky.  But no, they are much too small to be cherry blossom’s or even fragments.  This is snow by jove!  We couldn’t believe it!  Then after break we head back to the church for our evening session (Pastor’s Conference) and there is LOTS of snow.  But the way it’s blowing and being that it IS April 7th, I thought, “those must be fragments of cherry blossom’s.)  So, we caused Sonya to lie to her children earlier in the day….we must repent. 🙂    Then as I’m walking out of the church last night around 10pm I hear two men in front of me having a conversation.  It was very brief but went like this.  “Could you believe that this afternoon?”  “Yeah, I know! Did you see all of that snow coming down?  Amazing.”   

  HA…So, was it snow or no snow?   I’ll need a couple seasoned Gaithersburgers to let me know today; but I think it was!

  More time assembled with leaders of the church today.  I must concur with Mr. Jeff Purswell that worshipping with all those voices the last two night, singing our hearts out with much passion…sure makes me feel mighty close to heaven!

Humbled and Amazed

April 7, 2009

  Last night was the beginning of the 2009 Pastor’s Conference at CLC/ Sovereign Grace Ministries.  CJ Mahaney brought a stirring message concerning shepherding the flock.  I was profoundly effected and stand humbled and amazed.  More delightful words to hear today and tomorrow from these people who love and care for pastor’s souls but more importantly are passionate about the gospel!

Above 60

April 6, 2009

  When you’re a Texan and you’ve lived through a Maryland winter, when the weather hits 60 or higher, YOU GET OUTSIDE!!!!  Especially if you are….me.

  Thanks to many locals the kids and I decided Great Falls would be just the place on a sunny over 60 degree day and it proved to be worth the short trip.  Only about 25 minutes south we ventured out and saw more of God’s beauty…what a Creator!

Our Linden Hall North house in the splendor of God's spring beauty!  Cherry blossom trees galore!

Our Linden Hall North house in the splendor of God's spring beauty! Cherry blossom trees galore!

As we left the house on our day venture we couldn’t pass up snaping pics of the Cherry Blossom trees.  Actually there is a place in DC that is supposed to have Cherry Blossom trees everywhere but I decided not to try and travel down there and fight the traffic and crowds.  We will cherish the springtime in Gaithersburg…it is magnificent! 

These beauties are in the flower bed at the entrance of our sub-division.  Couldn't pass them up!

These beauties are in the flower bed at the entrance of our sub-division. Couldn't pass them up!

My blessings from the Lord as we stand in awe at God's beauty!  The Great Falls.

My blessings from the Lord as we stand in awe at God's beauty! The Great Falls.

We waited in line to get through the ‘gate’ at this state park for over 20 minutes.  It was worth the wait, besides we had Hershey candy to snack on!  HA

First we had a picnic in the grass, then had to make a pit stop at the bathroom.  Then we walked to the observation area and on the way we saw our dear Kang friends who are also attending the Pastor’s College.   Miran is in my fellowship group and has done nothing but encourage my socks off all year long!  What a blessing they are!  Please pray that they will return home to South Korea with renewed faith and share the gospel with passion.

From left, Miran, Minyu, Mingu, SongWan Kang

From left, Miran, Minyu, Mingu, SongWan Kang

And if you don’t already don’t already know this, Isaac is rarely content in just climbing on things he’s allowed to climb.  Oh yes, he loved climbing the rocks you’re “allowed” to climb but “MOM, can I Palease go down there?”  (to places he should NOT go)  Well, there was one safe place I allowed him to venture…he’s such a boy.  And I have NO doubt if I die anytime soon, Danielle will keep him in line!  lol (she freaks out when the kids go off the trails or in dangerous areas….such a little mama…but I’m thankful, not complaining)

Isaac watching the falls from a 'special' place.

Isaac watching the falls from a 'special' place.

You can't find me!  (talkin' to the bad guys)

You can't find me! (talkin' to the bad guys)

After the falls we had another snack in the van and went for a longer hike.  We found a tiny little stream and the kids were skipping rocks and finding treasure.  I had Dani snap a photo of me cuz I think most of the time I’m remember in ghost form.  🙂  This one she took while I was helping the girls across..again, giving directives.  tee hee

Go thisaway!

Go thisaway!

And right before the girls started whining that they were going to DIE if we had to walk any further and Hope was going to DIE if she didn’t use the bathroom, I got this sweet shot.  It was a lovely day!  I’d go back tomorrow with our free 3 day pass if it weren’t going to be raining. 🙂


Friday Funnies

April 4, 2009


Loaded up, going to church, Darrel being silly waving really fast.

Loaded up, going to church, Darrel being silly waving really fast.

I so very rarely post about Darrel I thought I’d write about a couple funny things he shared about himself.  This part of the funnies happened on Tuesday.  There is a man attending the PC right now from Austrailia.  If you’ve met anyone from Austrailia you know they have quite an accent, if not perhaps you’ve heard the “Outback Steakhouse” commercials and get a taste of it there.  Anyway, Darrel arrived at school early Tuesday morning and there was this man, small in stature.  Darrel reached out and said, “Hello, how are you?  I’m Darrel.”  And Darrel thought he heard him say, “Hallo, moi name is Tiny.” Darrel makes a face and chuckles and says, “Tiny” outloud.  (He thought he was kidding)   Tiny says, “It’s Tony”…then Darrel starts laughing and says, “Oh, that makes more sense.  I’m from Texas and you have to talk slow for us!”  Tony, being very gracious says, “It’s just the accent.” 

  Much humility received from that one….although Darrel tells me he’s going to blame me for this incident.  I am notorious for thinking I hear someone say something and blurting it out while laughing or making a really strange face.  I can give you numerous examples in person.  🙂

  The next funny thing that happens is Darrel’s called on to pray for Dr. Michael Lawrence (their professor this week) at the end of class   Right in the middle of the prayer Darrel calls him MARK and proceeds to pray.  After a few more words Darrel realizes he just called him Mark but it’s too late to turn back and fix it as he’s in the flow of the prayer.  This is funny to us because he already had a name blunder this week and Dr. Lawrence works with Mark Dever at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.  The entire week Darrel said, “He sounds just like Mark Dever.” 

  So, God allowed Darrel to experience more humility and the fam got a few laughs.  🙂

Time is Flying

April 3, 2009

  When I began looking at the calendar a couple weeks ago I realized that time is flying by us here in Maryland!  There was so much time Hope was ill and we were staying home caring for her physcial well-being, then in and out of doctor offices and Johns Hopkins Hospital that many of the field trips and outings I’d hoped to do/see were put on hold.  God has been so good to give her the health she is enjoying today! 

  Although she has not been diagnosed with a specific illnes, the MiaCalcin injections are helping with pain and she is functioning like a normal 6 year old kiddo!  All praise and glory be to our God!!!!!!!!   Except for an occasional throat hurting and abdominal pain she is doing very well. 

  Looking at the weather is something I do often in this season as we are still having very cool days and much rain during the month of April (so I’ve heard) but occasionally have one in the 60’s.  This past Tuesday was one of those days.  Making sure it was ok with daddy, I made plans to visit Hershey, PA and Lancaster County.  We invited our dear friend, Jeannie to come along.  Well, my alarm didn’t go off that morning so we got a later start than I’d hoped (about an hour) but that was all in His plan as well.  We had a great time and enjoyed some yummy Hershey’s chocolate too.  Then drove down the highway and took a horse and buggy ride with a Menninite and learned more about the Amish people and their ways.  We went to an old country store and visited the 2nd floor where we were amazed with a quilt museum.  It was fantastic.  I was hoping to spend time at a farmers market but we went a bit early in the year; they weren’t open.  On our way home the kids yelled out, “SONIC”.  I couldn’t believe it!  There was a Sonic in PA.  I pulled right over, ordered them fresh fruit slushes, me a cherry, vanilla Dt. Coke and Jeannie got to try a burger and lime slush.  It was hilarious and yummy at the same time.  I think we were more excited about getting Sonic treats than going to The Hershey Factory!  ha  (I haven’t had Sonic for 8 months…whew…withdrawals.)

  All this to say, I have many more outings planned, tons of laundry to do, some pre-packing going on, schooling, end of the year planning, care group meetings, fellowship meetings, Pastor’s Conference this coming week, doctor’s appointment and the regular stuff…I’m not going to be posting quite as often. 🙂

  Here are a couple pictures from our field trip to Hershey, PA and Lancaster County.

Welcome Schiel' Hershey's Chocolate World...Oh, YEAH!!!

Welcome Schiel' Hershey's Chocolate World...Oh, YEAH!!!

Smiling....of course...we have a sugar rush just STANDING here!!!

Smiling....of course...we have a sugar rush just STANDING here!!!

I mean really….just look at the faces Trinity and Hope are making! Totally hilarious! 

Jeannie and kiddo's in "Central America", after making our chocolate purchases.

Jeannie and kiddo's in "Central America", after making our chocolate purchases.

Going on a horse and buggy ride with a Menninite to hear a bit of history on Amish folk.

Going on a horse and buggy ride with a Menninite to hear a bit of history on Amish folk.

The next day Danielle asked me what my favorite part of our trip was and I said, “watching you on our horse and buggy ride.”  🙂

My sweet and lovely daughter enjoying the beauty of God drawn by one of His amazing creatures.

My sweet and lovely daughter enjoying the beauty of God drawn by one of His amazing creatures.